The Program

Most of the usual cosmetic plastic surgeons only look at the individual body areas without taking into account the whole body shape of the patient. The Lose sizes program has been developed specifically by Dr. Tavallali, a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon in the metro Washington DC and northern Virginia area . Our cosmetic patients are evaluated for their suitability for different types of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures as well as combinations of surgeries on their breasts and abdomen or thighs which will give them the best possible cosmetic result desired. Some patients may not be immediate surgical candidates and they will benefit from weight reduction programs prior to surery to remove excess skin and fat.

Cosmetic Abdomen surgery

There are a number of procedures that can be performed on the abdomen to reduce the size and to remove any excess skin and fat. These cosmetic procedures include a full tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty; a mini tummy tuck or mini abdominoplasty or an extended abdominoplasty , a fleur-de-lys abdominoplasty, for patients with particularly large amounts of skin and fat. Abdominoplasty is performed as an out patient procedure that takes between 2- 3 hours under general anesthesia. Patients are encouraged to ambulate the day after surgery and most can return to light duty work and driving with ten calendar days- that is a week off work- but a life time of change in their body shapes! To see photos and learn more about abdominoplasty and tummy tucks in the Losesizes program Click here

Cosmetic Breast surgery

There are three main types of cosmetic breast surgery that are performed by Dr. Tavallali as part of the Lose Sizes program. Each will help you change your breast shape and size; some patients may need to gain a size or two inthe breasts despite having to loose sizes in other parts of the body. Breast reduction surgery is performed to make the breasts smaller and also to lift the breasts in the process. For patients who are happy with their breast size but have droopy breasts, a simple breast lift may be all that is required. Some patients who have lost weight through dieting or stomach stapling or Gastric bypass surgery may actually need to have saline or silicone breast implants placed under their breasts to improve their body shape. To see Photos and learn more about Breast surgery in the Losesizes programClick here

What Can You Expect?

Your first visit with Dr. Tavallali will be for a complimentary consultation to discus your surgery goals and program options, as well as to answer any of your questions. Once you have registered for the Lose sizes program, Dr. Tavallali will perform a history and physical and discuss the options that he feels best fill your needs. You will be seen on again before any planned cosmetic surgery to have your questions answered, have photographs taken, and to complete all necessary paper work. At any time you should feel free and are encouraged to call the office to speak to him or his staff to have all your questions answered regarding the surgery plan. In your weekly and subsequently monthly post operative visits you will be closely monitored for your proper healing and interventions made as necessary to ensure the best possible cosmetic result

  • Weight
  • Body functions
  • Incisonal healing
  • Swelling
  • Time to start exercise
  • Types of scar treatments to apply
  • When to buy new clothes !

After you have changed your body shape and completed the program, you may still need further visits with Dr. Tavallali and to continue a life changing renewall including exercise and healthy diet . You may expect to lose between 10-20 pounds of weight after the abdominoplasty surgery and less with breast surgery but with your new body you will have the impetus you need to begin a healthier life style which can lead to even more weight loss and losing of sizes.

Why did Dr. Tavallali Develop Lose sizes?


Although there are many diets with which patients can lose weight, they typically do not maintain any significant weight loss after 1 year and the once lost weight returns.  Dr. Tavallali has researched a number of diets and concluded that a change in body shape is what patients truly want not just a reduction of weight that leaves them with pound of hanging skin and fat. The need to change your body shape starts with the abdomen in most cases but may also include the shape of the breasts and buttocks or even the arms.

The Lose Sizes Program Includes:


  • Individualized surgery Program
  • Careful and intense monitoring of surgery results
  • Expertise and use of latest proven techniques
  • Assistance with Lifestyle Change


 Weigh Less Loose Weight Lose Maryland Virginia


What is BMI?


The BMI (Body Metabolic Index) is a measure obtained from your height and weight, used to determine your health risks.  The lower your BMI, the lower your risk for health problems.  This number is only one of several indicators of your health, such as % body fat, and % visceral fat. For example you may have a normal BMI, but an abnormally high body fat percentage which would again put you in a high risk category for health problems.Even smaller weight loss, such as 10% of initial body weight which can occur after surgery can have a significant impact on medical risks.  If the weight loss can be maintained you will be heralthier and have a better body shape!  Click here to calculate your BMI.




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